Dr. Joan Schumann

Conference Co-Facilitator

Dr. Schumann is currently the Director of Student Support Services leading a team of more than 65 people who are responsible for improving academic outcomes and social wellbeing for an N-12 school of more than 3,000 students. As a general education teacher, Joan was considered a Highly Effective Teacher across all content areas and as a special education teacher she has served students with mild/moderate disabilities using a wide variety of service delivery models. While teaching at the University of Utah as well as Westminster College, she trained teachers in areas such as classroom management, assessment and instruction, diversity responsive strategies, school-wide positive behavioral support, second language acquisition, as well as collaborative educational decision-making. Her scholarship includes work on Response-to-Intervention model implementation, curriculum-based assessment, as well as a large-scale national study that evaluated the effects school-wide systems of support had on racial disparities in discipline rates. She presents and leads workshops regularly at regional and international conferences and her written work can be found in publications such as the Practical Handbook of School Psychology, Responding to Problem Behavior in School: Behavior Education Program, the Handbook of Positive Behavior Support, and the Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.