Conference day one



The first day of our summit will focus on deepening our understanding of the language and logic behind RtI and how this model will lead to greater outcomes for all students.



Making the Case for RtI in International Schools:
Understanding Core Philosophy and Science Challenges

Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden

Using student data to drive instructional decision-making is a powerful way to improve system and child outcomes. Independent schools have exceptional and often untapped opportunities to leverage their resources to maximize the growth of all their students. RtI can help independent schools find the sweet spot between flexibility and efficacy in educational practices. When the ultimate arbiter is student growth, everyone wins. Amanda will detail metrics that can be used at the system, classroom, and child level to inform program and instructional investments to accelerate gains for all learners, from your students who struggle to your students who excel.


Developing Collective Understanding

RtI Starting Blocks: Where did it all come from and how do we begin?

Dr. Matthew Burns

The Use of Assessment within an RtI Model: Decreasing the Dependency on Formal Evaluations

Dr. John Hosp

The Behavior Side of the Triangle: Multi-tiered Systems to Support Social-Emotional Needs

Dr. Chris Borgmeier


Pan Pacific Hotel

Tier 1 workshops:
Strengthening the Core for More


Literacy Practices for Diverse Learners

Dr. Kristen MacConnell

Math Instruction that Works for All

Megan Holmstrom

Universal Design for Learning: An Approach for Inclusive and Accessible Classrooms

Jon Nordmeyer & Kim Bane

Getting Started with Universal Screening

Dr. Matthew Burns & Dr. John Hosp

School-wide Prevention of Problem Behavior

Dr. Chris Borgmeier


Panel Discussion


Separating Fact from Fiction: Clarifying Common Misconceptions

Panelists: Dr. Darin Farhney, Dr. Kristen MacConnell, Dr. Matthew Burns, Dr. Amanda VanderHyden & Kim Bane

Facilitators: Dr. Joan Schumann & Kristel Solomon-Saleem