Banner Sharing

You may notice the Summit Agenda allows for a cocktail reception and School Banner Sharing on Thursday evening. We hope you join us for this event as it will serve as a unique opportunity to learn about other schools RtI/MTSS implementation efforts.

What follows is the information needed for schools to share a standing banner during this portion of our Summit.

  • We encourage school teams to identify some aspect of RtI/MTSS implementation they would like to share with other RISS participants.

  • This could be a question your school has explored, specific data you have collected and/or an intervention model employed.

  • EXAMPLES: One school might create a poster depicting their use of universal screening while another school may share progress monitoring data of one particular student after implementing a Behavior Support Plan. Some schools may choose to share their data on a new reading intervention resource while another school may share how they have worked with schedules to allow for more time with intensive support.

  • Please do use pseudonyms on your banner and get creative with the layout!

  • PRESENTATION: During the reception, plan to have 1 person from your school team near the banner while other team members peruse the other posters.

  • BANNER PRINTING: We recommend using Signature Print for your standing banner as it’s quite convenient and easy to setup. We recommend the following size: 850 x 2000mm ($90.00 SGD). Please email: to place your order and indicate you are with RISS2019 so the company can deliver your banner directly to the hotel.

Christina Thorsen