Conference day TWO



The second day of our summit will explore movement within the tiered continuum and powerful intervention resources to maximize student progress.



The “R” In RtI: Progress Monitoring to Capture Student Learning

Dr. John Hosp

Although intervention is what improves outcomes for the students we serve, if we do not understand and cannot reliably identify response, we will never know how effective those interventions are. This address will discuss the fundamentals of how and why we monitor progress in RtI. The essentials of interpretation such as graphical displays and comparison to standards will also be discussed. In addition, how to identify a good system for assessment will be presented within the context of using the National Center for Intensive Interventions (NCII) Tool Charts.


Making "It" Work for "Us": Understanding the Essential Ingredients of Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Dr. Matthew Burns

This concluding keynote address will tie all of the essential conference themes together. What are the critical components of RtI logic and an MTSS framework? How can we tailor the model to fit our school's needs yet stay true to the philosophy and science behind this highly effective school-wide system. The speaker will comment on ideas shared during the summit experience and how to make them work in your schools tomorrow.

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Tier 2 & 3 workshops:
Maximizing Effectiveness with High Quality Support


Pan Pacific Hotel

The I in RtI: The What, When, Where, Why & How of Intervention

Dr. Matthew Burns

Research-based Literacy Support (Reading Intervention Focus)

Dr. Kelly Patrick

Research-based Literacy Support (Writing Intervention Focus)

Dr. Kelly Patrick

Research-based Math Intervention Support

Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden

Tier 2 Interventions:
The Social-Emotional-Behavioral Side of the Triangle

Dr. Chris Borgmeier

Evaluating your Current System & Identifying Evidence-based Intervention

Dr. John Hosp

Developing Executive Skills in a Multi-Tiered System of Support

Dr. Robert Richardson

Supporting Intensive (Tier 3) Student Needs at an International School: A Decision-Making Framework to Guide Your Model Development

Dr. Joan Schumann & Kristel Solomon-Saleem