1st annual | #RISS2019
RtI for International Schools Summit

oct 24-26, 2019 | SINGAPORE

Strengthening Our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support


About the Summit

The purpose of this unique RtI Summit experience is to deepen our collective understanding of the science and philosophy behind the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework and how it can be used to inform our decision-making as international school teams.

RISS sessions will offer an in-depth understanding of the key principles and practices foundational to this highly effective school-wide model.


Keynote Speakers


Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden

President, Education Research & Consulting
Founder, Spring Math

Dr. Matthew K. Burns

Professor, School of Psychology
University of Missouri

Dr. John Hosp

Professor, Special Education
College of Education
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dr. Chris Borgmeier

Professor, Special Education Department
Portland State University




The first day of our summit will focus on deepening our understanding of the language and logic behind RtI and how this model will lead to greater outcomes for all students.

Day One Sessions >>

  • Collaborative teams will explore the following questions and utilize an action planning tool designed to chart your school’s next direction:

    • How does RtI fit within an international school context and what are our next steps for implementation?

    • What is universal screening, why is it important, and how can we best utilize this data as a school?

    • How can we strengthen our educational program for all students to observe greater academic and social-emotional outcomes school-wide?

    • What are some of the misconceptions related to RtI and how might we move towards common language as an international school community?

  • The first day will conclude with a cocktail reception and poster-sharing session. This will provide each school with an opportunity to share one aspect of their implementation efforts with fellow summit participants.



The second day of our summit will explore movement within the tiered continuum and powerful intervention resources to maximize student progress.

Day Two Sessions >>

  • Questions to explore through leadership and practitioner-focused sessions will be as follows:

    • What is the “R” in RtI and how can it be used to inform our decision making?

    • How do we know when our support services are effective and what should we expect to see from our students in terms of their rate of progress?

    • Finally, what actions might we take as a team when our support isn’t sufficient and how might we work to develop more intensive programs to retain our students?



Post-Summit Workshops are designed to provide participants with a full-day to extend learning in a relevant topic of choice.

Post-Summit Workshops >>

Post-Summit Workshops are in addition to the general 2-day summit registration fees.


Attend as a Team

We encourage school leaders and practitioners to participate as a school team so they may build systems-level knowledge alongside practical implications in the delivery of high quality instruction and supplemental interventions.


who should attend


International Schools LEADERS, such as:

  • Heads of School or Superintendents

  • Deputy Heads or Heads of Learning

  • Principals or Deputy Principals

  • Directors of Student Support Services or Head of Inclusion

  • SEN or RtI Coordinators

  • Directors of Curriculum or Directors of Assessment

International Schools PRACTITIONERS, such as:

  • School or Educational Psychologists

  • Educational Consultants

  • Learning or Academic Support Teachers

  • English Language Specialists

  • School Counselors

  • Behavior Specialists

  • Classroom Teachers

summit Organizers

This unique 1st annual RtI for International Schools Summit is a collective effort facilitated by members representing the following schools and partnering organizations:



Stamford American International School

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Canadian International School

Singapore American School

Shanghai Community International School

Hong Kong Academy

Australian International School

The International School Nido de Aguilas

UWC South East Asia



Special Education Network and Inclusion Association

Next Frontier Inclusion

English Language Learning Specialists Asia

International School Leaders of Educational Support

WIDA International School Consortium

Singapore Psychological Society


Sponsorship opportunities

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